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What is New Light Learning?

New Light Learning is an organization with a mission to help professionals and parents support people with challenging behaviour in Alberta.  New Light Learning strives to bring understanding, tools and hope to parents, professionals and managers through teaching Collaborative Problem Solving®.  This organization hopes to make a lasting positive impact on schools, mental health settings, work places, families and all people who live in Alberta.


In August 2021, after witnessing the effectiveness of Collaborative Problem Solving® as a parent and educator working with students with challenging behaviour, Matt Sticksl, Founder of New Light Learning, became the only Certified Trainer in Collaborative Problem Solving® in Western Canada


After a year of conducting  Collaborative Problem Solving® trainings and classes to educators, clinicians and parents, Matt saw the impact Collaborative Problem Solving® had on these professionals, parents and kids.  From this, Matt was inspired to move to a part-time teaching position, create New Light Learning and focus more time on sharing Collaborative Problem Solving® with people in Alberta. 

How did New Light Learning get started? 

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