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Matt Sticksl
Thik:Kids CPS Certified Trainer 

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About Matt

Matt Sticksl is a Think:Kids CPS Certified Trainer in the Collaborative Problem Solving® approach and receives ongoing supervision from Think:Kids. He is also a teacher and parent living in Calgary, Alberta (Treaty 7).  Matt is currently teaching in a Student Services role in a K-9 school. Prior to this, he taught for eight years in adolescent mental health and addiction treatment programs in Calgary. 

While working in a program partnership with Alberta Health Services, Matt was exposed to CPS as an approach for working with youth with challenging behaviours.  After exposure, training, and seeing the effectiveness of CPS, he worked to become the only Certified Trainer in Western Canada. Matt has trained professionals and parents within the Calgary Board of Education, Alberta Health Services and across North America.   He is excited to help others learn CPS in Alberta.

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