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Sean Colvin, Registered Provisional Psychologist

Tier 1 Training Participant

"I completed the CPS Tier I Training with Matt Sticksl in September 2021 and it was nothing short of excellent; truly top class. Matt is an educator by training and this was evident in how he organized and communicated the material. Although Matt maintained fidelity to the CPS training model, he was flexible and elaborated upon various training components to fit with the needs of the trainees. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I am trained in behavioural modification techniques such as operant conditioning (rewards and consequences) and I believe in the merit of these techniques; however, across the training, Matt slowly, yet fully, convinced me of the merits of the CPS philosophy (i.e., kids do well if they can). As a result, I have extended my technical repertoire, and now feel more confident in supporting parents and youth outside of a stringent behavioural paradigm. Matt is highly personable, kind, conscientious, and extremely committed to his work supporting others in learning how best to support children and youth. I highly recommend CPS training with Matt. You will not be disappointed. Thanks for everything!"

Heather Freeman, MSW RSW

"Matt is probably the most passionate person I've met when it comes to CPS. I've had the opportunity to work with Matt as he facilitated CPS Parent Classes and the feedback from the parents was incredibly positive. I would highly recommend taking a CPS Parent Class from Matt."

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