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Addressing challenging behaviour can be difficult, complex and stressful.  The CPS approach, developed by Think:Kids, has changed the lives of kids, parents and professionals around the world by giving an accurate understanding of where challenging behaviours come from and the tools to effectively address them.  


New Light Learning teaches parents and professionals how to support kids, teens, and adults with challenging behaviour through Collaborative Problem Solving® (CPS).  This compassionate, evidence-based approach empowers people to prevent challenging behaviour, teach social-emotional skills, and build relationships. 

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All public trainings have been completed for this school year.
Thanks to everyone who learned CPS in Alberta!

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At Canadian Rockies, we have worked with Matt Sticksl to both train all our staff universally with an Introduction to Collaborative Problem Solving. We have also trained select administrators, counsellors, teachers and support staff with more in-depth Essential Foundation (Level 1) training.  The model has caused participants to rethink how to address challenging behaviours and provides our teams with a structure for working through student needs.  As a community, we are continuing to support one another through the use of the tool, common beliefs and language.  


As a trainer, Matt Sticksl is a consistent professional.  He has brought to our team doable solutions that we can practically implement into our work.  Matt is able to bring his experience and expertise to engage participants meaningfully through the Collaborative Problem Solving processes.  He is a patient presenter who is able to thoughtfully address participant concerns in a manner that is consistent with the foundational beliefs and philosophies of the program. We are thankful that Matt is supporting our school division in adapting a model for approaching challenging behaviours through a trauma informed approach.

Mike Shoemaker, Director of Learning Services, Canadian Rockies Public Schools


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